Q. Are you accepting new patients?

A. We are accepting new patients at this time.

Q. Do you need to take X-rays? Aren't they dangerous?

A. In our office, we use the latest digital technology (Dexis) with computer-enhanced techniques that reduce radiation up to 80%. You’re exposed to more radiation on a sunny day than from a set of digital dental radiographs. Every three to five years we take a full set of radiographs to examine the areas between teeth, the nerves, roots and the health of the supporting bone. This enables us to provide a comprehensive diagnosis and the best treatment options and results. We update records with a limited number of radiographs every 12 months.

Q. I am somewhat nervous about going to the dental office. Do you provide sedation or nitrous oxide?

A.  We use NuCalm, a non-drug, natural relaxation system for our patients. Also, for our patient’s comfort we use the Wand, a painless anesthetic. Some patients get more nervous than others at the thought of a needle or syringe, and we use the Wand, a small handpiece that resembles a pen. It is a comfortable alternative to the syringe.

Q. I am interested in whitening my teeth. What is the whitening system that you provide?

A.  We use the KoR Deep Bleaching system which is undoubtedly the most reliable and effective bleaching system ever developed. The KoR Deep Bleaching system is the only recognized bleaching system that even whitens tetracycline-stained teeth in a short time (previously thought impossible).  Dr. Burdick’s deep bleaching results are featured in national dental magazines. The KoR system consists of a unique custom tray that is used with cutting edge whitening compounds at home.  For more profound stains one to two in-office sessions are added to the process.Visit the KoR website for more information.

Q. How do you keep updated on the latest in general and cosmetic techniques/technology?

A. Dr. Burdick and his team are highly respected in the community for their technically skilled treatment and expertise. Dr. Burdick updates the office often with state-of-the-art equipment and resources, and he and his team continually attend advanced continuing education to apply the best techniques to provide your best care.

Q. Are my dental benefits accepted in your office?

A. We accept most dental insurance plans. We will file your insurance claims to your dental insurance carrier, and very often the benefits help pay for your routine visits and some treatment. It is interesting to note that yearly maximum benefits have stayed at the same $1000 - $2000 level since they were instituted in the early 1970’s. We still have found that the benefits can be helpful to some degree.