Restorative dentistry

Implant Dentures: Fixed or Removable?

For anyone who has lost all of their teeth, implant-supported dentures from Victor H. Burdick Jr. DDS in Littleton CO may sound like a dream come true: dentures that are attached to the jaw and surpass traditional dentures in appearance and functionality. Implant-supported dentures provide numerous advantages over standard dentures. Our team has put together

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Captivate Audiences Once Again

Remember when being a five-year-old with a few missing teeth charmed friends and family? When a lisp was considered adorable and endearing? Doesn’t really work for adults. At Victor H. Burdick Jr. DDS in Littleton CO we can restore missing teeth with lifelike dental implants. A single-tooth dental implant consists of three parts: the implant

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Schedule Your Coronation

We treat all of our patients royally here at Victor H. Burdick Jr. DDS in Littleton CO, but some of them receive actual crowns. Not what a king or queen wears, of course, but crowns for their teeth! Crowns are sometimes called caps, and they’re placed over a tooth to restore its shape and strength,

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What are Possible Dental Implant Complications?

Dental implants from Victor H. Burdick Jr. DDS in Littleton are state-of-the-art, with a success rate in the area of ninety-eight percent. That number is a testament to implant technology. But like any medical or dental procedure, there are certain risks involved. In this post, we will consider possible complications of a dental implant. Infection.

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Think It’s Not Necessary To Replace Missing Back Teeth?

Sometimes when people lose a back tooth they wonder whether they should bother doing anything about it. After all, the gap doesn’t show when they smile and there are other teeth to do the chewing. Why not leave it be and save some money? Actually, there are several very good reasons to replace a back

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