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Have you tried to whitening your smile with everything from over-the-counter dental strips to expensive, but not-very-effective in-office whitening?

Are you tired of going through the sensitivity and pain of dental whitening procedures only to have to whiten again and again because you love coffee and red wine?

Are you graduating, getting married, or have the trip of a lifetime coming up and you want to be sure your smile is as confident and white as possible?

Ask us about KöR Deep Bleaching, a revolutionary way to effectively whiten your teeth – permanently! The KöR Whitening system is one of the most gentle and reliable ways to whiten your teeth available today. This acclaimed tooth-whitening method, developed by internationally-renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. Rod Kurthy, has been used by thousands of dentists worldwide, and we are thrilled to offer this outstanding method to our patient family right here in our Littleton dental office. Even patients with impossible-to-treat tetracycline stains have discovered their truest, whitest smiles with one of our KöR whitening products. Because of this permanence and power, no other dental product has ever been ranked higher than KöR tooth bleaching. We could explain how it works, but it is pretty complicated. Why not call us and come in for a chat about what makes KöR tooth whitening stand out? We would love to show you before-and-after photos to help you decide if KöR is right for you. We offer both in-office and take-home options and both will get you smiling without any worry about giving up your favorite barista or wine bar.