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Want to prevent both dental and overall health issues? Keep up with your regular dental exams and checkups. These exams are just as important to your health as all your medical exams. How can we claim that? Your mouth is not separate from the rest of your body, and if you develop infections in your teeth and gums, or begin to suffer from TMJ disorder or sleep apnea, the rest of you will suffer too. When you come to see us for your cleanings, we keep an eye on what is happening in your mouth, but we also like to schedule a comprehensive exam to update your x-rays, screen for oral cancer, measure your gum pockets and check for inflammation, and make sure none of our teeth are damaged or decayed. All of these exams and screenings are designed to ensure that even the smallest problems will be caught early – when they are easier and less expensive to treat and have less impact on your overall wellness.