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If you wake up to a sore jaw or aching teeth, if you experience frequent or chronic headaches or even migraines, if your fingers tingle or your tongue looks jaggy around the edges, you may be dealing with TMJ disorder. People can develop TMJ disorder for all kinds of reasons from daily stress that carries over into sleep and causes night-time grinding and clenching, to a blow or whiplash during an accident. But no matter what has caused it, you do not need to deal with TMJ disorder alone. We employ bite splints to allow your jaw joint and its surrounding muscles to relax and return to their proper position. This relaxation gives our patients tremendous relief while also protecting their teeth from the damage that TMJ disorder can cause. Don’t suffer from TMJ pain and damage alone. Call us and we can help evaluate your condition, refer you to a specialist, or treat you with a bite splint right here in our Littleton office.