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Dental Crowns

We understand that life can be hard on teeth. Anything can happen. An accident. Biting into something a little too hard. The last of that old metal filling finally giving way. When something major happens to your tooth, you want it fixed as fast as possible. It hurts every time you chew, and, worse, if it isn’t fixed you could wind up with an infection! If your tooth or teeth are broken, severely worn or decayed, or in need of a root canal, ask us about our beautiful dental crowns. Crowns can make any tooth feel as good as new because they create a strong, protective, and brand-new upper layer that looks and functions exactly like a natural tooth.
Crowns are ideal to:

  • Restore a tooth to its original shape
  • Bring strength to a weakened or damaged tooth
  • Improve the appearance of a tooth

We offer a variety of crowns to perfectly suit your needs including gorgeous metal-free crowns, porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns for biting surfaces that need extra strength, and even gold and e.Max ceramic! Placing the crown takes just two easy visits. The first visit is to prepare the tooth and take molds for the creation of the crown. The crown is placed on the second visit. It’s that easy!