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Cracks. Chips. Dents. No, we aren’t talking about parking-lot bumps and scratches on your car, we’re talking about your teeth. We understand that even minor imperfections can take the zip out of your smile… but they may seem too minor to warrant more extensive cosmetic dentistry like crowns or veneers. We want to help put that zip right back in your smile with the ease and affordability of cosmetic dental bonding. It’s so convenient and can be completed in one, short visit – no need for impressions or waiting for your restorations to return from the lab. In addition, dental bonding is more conservative than porcelain veneers or crowns because the tooth does not need as much preparation before application. Instead, Dr. Burdick will custom-shade the tooth-colored dental composite right here in our Littleton office, apply the material directly to your tooth, and sculpt it to perfection. Finally, your tooth will be buffed and polished to glowing perfection. Just remember that composite bonding is not as long-lasting or as stain-resistant as porcelain restorations, so care for them accordingly.