Dental Implants

The Ideal Solution for Missing Teeth

Dental implants in Littleton, CO, from Dr. Burdick, DDSWhether it is one missing tooth or a whole mouth, losing teeth is an ordeal we hate to see our patients go through. That is why we put such emphasis on dentistry that preserves and protects teeth for life.

However, sometimes, medications, poor early hygiene, accidents, or hereditary problems can step in, and despite our best efforts, teeth can become lost or too damaged and painful to save. Don’t worry! We have a solution that will get your mouth feeling, functioning, and looking just the way they’re intended to—with implant dentistry!

What Are Dental Implants?

Just as the name suggests, implants are dental restorations that are implanted in your mouth for the long term. They consist of titanium posts, surgically placed into your jawbone to replace your tooth roots, and beautiful, custom-created crowns or dentures to replace the part of your tooth that shows.

Together, these posts and crowns can replace one, a few, or a whole set of teeth. Individual teeth are replaced with a single crown that is so beautiful and lifelike, you probably won’t be able to distinguish it from the natural teeth in your smile.

If you are missing a few teeth, we will create a bridge or denture that, unlike traditional dental bridges and dentures, are not removed and will never slip or pinch!

Benefits of Dental Implants

If you have any missing teeth, it’s essential to get them replaced as soon as possible.

Missing teeth can do a real number on your overall oral health. Each one of your teeth plays a vital role in the healthy functioning of your total mouth. Dental implants can benefit you in the following ways:

  • Keep your jawbone strong. Teeth provide active stimulation to our jawbone, keeping it active and enabling it to thrive the way that it was meant to. A missing tooth root will leave your jaw unstimulated and cause the bone to shrink away with lack of use. Dental implants prevent this problem and keep your jaw strong and stable!
  • Restore full tooth functionality. It doesn’t take an expert to tell you that eating can be a painful and awkward experience if you are missing teeth. Tooth implants restore the full function of your teeth—and you won’t even have to eliminate any sticky or tough foods from your diet, because implant-supported teeth can handle anything!
  • Reduce headaches and relieve pain. Chewing on exposed nerve endings can be excruciating and lead to consistent and recurring headaches. Implants will fill in the hole in your gums and jaw left by your missing tooth and relieve all sorts of pain you may have been experiencing because of it.
  • Prevent gum disease. The exposed gum in your tooth socket can easily become infected while you are eating. This can infect the rest of the surrounding gums and do permanent damage to your surrounding teeth and oral health. Dental implants will help protect your gums from damage and keep your smile healthy!
  • Support your remaining natural teeth. If your tooth is missing, the surrounding teeth will eventually start to move to fill in the gap, compounding issues with biting and chewing. Dental implants will keep all your teeth where they should be to support a strong and healthy smile.

Modern dentistry has come a long way, and our tooth implants will be a natural-looking solution that will help you to avoid the many problems of missing teeth. Don’t wait to restore your teeth—call Dr. Burdick today!

Why Choose Dental Implants Instead of Dentures?

Even though the dentures we create here at Victor H. Burdick, Jr., DDS, are beautiful and custom-fitted, they can’t protect the bone in your jaw from resorption—a bone-loss process that actually occurs all the time, but accelerates the moment you lose a tooth or teeth.

As mentioned above, your jawbone needs constant stimulation from chewing and biting to stay strong. Without that stimulation, the bone simply stops regenerating and begins to shrink. This shrinkage can cause shifting of remaining teeth, dentures that constantly need to be adjusted, moments of embarrassment while eating or speaking, or even a permanently aged appearance and TMJ disorder issues such as chronic migraines.

Dental implants act just like a natural tooth root does, keeping the bone stimulated and regenerating as it should. Plus, you can throw away your dental adhesive and forget about removing your dentures for soaking and cleaning at night. Just brush and floss the way you always did your natural teeth!

With tooth implants, you can renew your confidence, eat what you want, and simply start enjoying life the way you ought to.

How We Can Help

We start by assessing your lifestyle, oral health, and the health of your jawbone. If you are a good candidate for tooth implants, we will refer you to one of our trusted oral surgeons for the surgical placement of your implant posts.

Once the posts are healed, we will create your natural-looking replacement teeth. These tooth replacements, whether single crowns or full dentures, will stay in your smile all day and all night so you can eat, laugh, and live with total comfort and confidence. What a gift!

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Am I a Candidate for Implant Dentistry?

Dental Implants are a highly recommended option for the majority of people that are looking to replace a missing tooth; however, they might not work for all mouths.

Because a dental implant undergoes the process of fusing to your jawbone—a process known as osseointegration—it is necessary to have enough healthy bone in your jaw for the implant to be placed.

Other various criteria we’ll need to evaluate to tell if you qualify for dental implants include the following:

  • Overall gum health. In order to be in good shape for a dental implant you must have generally healthy gums and be committed to the continual upkeep of good oral hygiene habits.
  • Tobacco use. You should also be a non-smoker or tobacco user as the use of these products prove to be destructive to your gums and teeth, and will also damage the implant.
  • Pre-existing health conditions. Genetic or pre-existing health conditions like diabetes, osteoporosis, or bruxism (constant grinding and clenching of your teeth) can hamper the likelihood of a smooth implant placement.

If any of the items listed above apply to you, then additional preparation might be in order before a dental implant procedure can be performed

When you visit us, Dr. Burdick and our team will do a comprehensive exam of your gums, teeth, and jawbone to determine if implants are a viable option.

How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Tooth Implants in Englewood, CO and Ken Caryl

When considering the cost of dental implants, many factors go into the overall price—how many implants you need, what kind of tooth restoration is being placed on top, whether you need a bone graft to fit the implants, etc.

You also have to take in all the opportunity costs that come with replacing a lost tooth and keeping your oral health in good shape. Tooth implants are an investment in your overall healthy future!

Leaving a missing tooth unresolved or using a cheaper option like traditional dental bridges or dentures can leave you with other problems to fix later, such as:

  • Teeth shifting out of place to fill the gap left by your tooth.
  • Jaw realignment due to bone resorption, and needing refitting of your dentures and bridges as your jaw changes.
  • Wearing down of your other teeth—in the case of dental bridges that rely on the surrounding teeth.

Implants provide a more permanent solution that also addresses the health of your jawbone. When you come see Dr. Burdick for a consultation, we can go over exactly how much your dental implants will cost and go over the comparative costs of other options.

High Quality Implant Dentistry With a Skilled Restorative Dentist

When you see Dr. Burdick to restore your teeth, you can be assured that you’re getting excellent care from a talented and experienced dentist. Dr. Burdick often seeks continuing education courses, and is a member of many organizations dedicated to continued professional development in dentistry, including:


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