Patient Reviews

Although I’m not generally nervous when having dental work, due to a recent accident, this time I was. Dr. Burdick and his staff have been so considerate and patient. And, Dr. Burdick did a great job with the filling repair and numbing! It ended up being an easy appointment and I was super relieved. Thanks for the great care!

– Crystal

Attention to detail and patient health

– Michael

The staff are always friendly and my hygienist is wonderful. Dr. Burdick is a pleasure to see each visit. Always friendly and considerate. I have always had excellent care.

– Vicki

Tremendous job!

– Mauricio

As a theatre person, front of house is very important to me: lobby, etc. This is where first impressions are made even before one enters the auditorium for a production. Upon entering Dr. Burdick’s office, you are welcomed by a cozy seating area, an attractive cabinet full of eclectic reading material, and a refreshment display that offers an assortment of teas and other appealing delights. Rounding the corner to the reception’s center, beautiful art work is there for the viewing. It is an aesthetic experience only to be topped by reception cordiality and the fine care offered by Dr. Burdick and his team of professionals. It has always been a pleasure for me to go to my dentist’s office, to visit Dr. Burdick, a trusted friend for 25 years.

– Annawyn

As a patient of Dr. Burdick’s for 18 years, I have always been more than satisfied with he and his staff’s promptness and personal treatment. Dr. Burdick has given me the utmost attention in caring for my needs. His hygienist, Tianna, is amazing with her thoroughness and knowledge in cleaning. I would recommend this office to anyone. They are GREAT.

– Billie

Quality of care is what Dr.Burdick is all about. Dr. Burdick has been my dentist for several years. He truly cares about each of his patients. His denial work is superb.

– Phyllis

Dr. Burdick has been our family dentist for over 20 years, I have always appreciated his expertise and I am continually impressed by his professional and welcoming staff. Thank you for caring for our family through the years!

– Susan

I love this office! They are friendly, polite, experienced, professionals who love what they do. I would highly recommend them.

– Iris

I have traveled to over 150 countries in this old world and have met hundreds of dentists. In my opinion, there is not a more compassionate, creative, or qualified dentist anywhere . . . and just to think that he is available to me right here in Colorado. I will always be grateful! Thanks Dr. Burdick.

– Jim

My wife and I have been dental patients of Dr. Victor Burdick for more than 20 years. He has provided us a full range of dental services ranging from preventive care to restorative dentistry. He recently completed two excellent dental implants for me which I am very pleased with. I consider Dr. Burdick a highly skilled and caring professional who always puts the needs of his patients first. Dental emergencies often occur at the most difficult times, but he has always been available to take care of us. His staff is professional and personable and make each visit a pleasure. I can heartily recommend Dr. Burdick to anyone looking for excellent, skilled dental care.

– Scott

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