Dermal Fillers & Facial Aesthetics

Dermal fillers in Littleton and EnglewoodAs we age, our skin naturally begins to lose some of the elasticity and firmness that it held in our youth. But now there are some great methods that can help reduce that aged appearance and bring back a youthful glow and overall younger appearance to your face and skin.

Our office is proud to offer Juvéderm and other dermal fillers to smooth out your skin, plump up your lips and cheeks, and help you look younger again!

Benefits of Facial Esthetics Procedures

Dermal fillers are all minimally invasive facial esthetics procedures that are used to enhance your smile and overall appearance in different ways.

This works by relaxing the muscles at the site of injection. By reducing the muscles’ ability to contract, it will simultaneously reduce wrinkles and relieve crows’ feet. Thanks to its muscle-relaxing properties, this same treatment can even provide migraine relief and treat an aching TMJ.

Juvéderm and dermal fillers provide a similar result to other name-brand cosmetic injections, but they do this by adding more collagen back into your skin for more natural elasticity and firmness, rather than just reducing areas of wrinkles. Because they add fullness, dermal fillers are often used to plump up lips and cheeks.

Dermal fillers in Littleton & Ken Caryl

When you consider the advantages of using our facial esthetics products, we know that you will be just as excited about them as we are! The benefits of these products include:

  • Younger appearance.
  • Reduced wrinkles, smile lines, and more.
  • Firmer, non-sagging skin.
  • Filled-out lips.
  • Overall restored glow to your face.
  • Increased self-confidence in your appearance.

These treatments are also very simple, and almost entirely pain-free. We know that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort working on your smile. Now, you’ll be able to show off your vibrant smile with a face that looks just as good and enhanced as your beautiful teeth!

Relief From TMJ/TMD

Beyond enhanced facial esthetics, dermal fillers can also help you with TMD and headache relief. When you have a misaligned or stressed TMJ, life can be particularly unpleasant.

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is often a result of persistent teeth grinding, a misaligned jaw, stress, or other factors, and it is incredibly common. TMDs come with many aches and pains, including frequent migraines and headaches, neck and shoulder pain, and even worn down or damaged teeth from all the clenching and grinding.

Man from Ken Caryl with stunning facial aesthetics thanks to dermal fillers.

Dermal filler injections are an alternative treatment option to mouth splints. A quick injection in the muscles on each side of your face by the TMJ will help them relax the nerve endings of your jaw so that you no longer have to experience these painful symptoms.

Why Should I Come To A Dentist For Dermal Fillers?

We know that receiving dermal fillers from a dentist might sound like a new concept, but think about it– a dentist receives years of training and instruction to know exactly how to work with all of the bones in your face and teeth specifically.

Because of this, dentists are particularly skilled at knowing how to use the latest technology in order to perform precise facial esthetics procedures such as Juvéderm and dermal fillers.

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Dr. Burdick is Educated and Experienced in Facial Esthetics Procedures

Our very own Dr. Burdick, DDS, is especially skilled in facial esthetics procedures beyond what a normal dentist or even cosmetic dentist would be. He is very committed to continuing his education and has received advanced dermal fillers training with the American Academy of Facial Esthetics. In addition, he is also a member of several prestigious organizations, including:


Dr. Burdick has received the specialized training necessary to be able to recommend the treatment that you should receive, and execute it like a professional.

Call Us When You’re Ready to Enhance Your Facial Appearance Along With Your Smile!

After an examination, Dr. Burdick will be able to create a customized facial esthetics treatment plan that is designed for you and your needs. Whether you want your smile to look as wrinkle-free as possible, have fuller lips, or you want to stop the pain of TMD/TMJ, we are here for you. Call our office today and treat yourself to the latest in dermal fillers!

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