Dental Veneers

dental veneersIf your teeth have minor cracks, chips, or are shaped awkwardly, dental veneers could be the right option on your next visit to our office.

Veneers are a modern dental technology designed to cover or fix the surface of your tooth, restoring its functionality and your good looks.

Benefits of Dental Veneers

There are many issues that porcelain veneers can fix, as this procedure is both cosmetic and restorative in nature. Here are some of the main things that veneers will do for you:

Dental veneers in Littleton and Englewood, CO with Dr. Burdick, DDS

A Veneers Patient

  • Fix cracks or chips. Tooth veneers cover minor damage and add an extra layer of protection to your tooth, so you don’t have to worry about more extensive tooth damage.
  • Fix teeth that are too big or too small. If you are self-conscious about the shape of your teeth, veneers can be used to reshape your teeth to the perfect shape and size.
  • Fix crooked teeth. Teeth that are out of place can be made to look straight with porcelain veneers being placed on top and visually aligning your teeth.
  • Conceal stains. If you have just one or two teeth that are badly stained, it might not be worth pursuing whitening treatments. Use veneers to hide discolored teeth instead.
  • Improve self-esteem. Porcelain veneers can give you the smile of your dreams by fixing imperfections, changing the shape, and even brightening the color of your teeth.
  • Look natural. Porcelain veneers will match the color of your natural teeth, down to the specific shade of white. Your veneers can return your smile to its natural beauty.
  • Give you a smile you will love. You can fix one damaged tooth, or brighten your whole smile with natural-looking veneers color-matched to whatever shade you desire!

When you come see Victor H. Burdick, Jr., DDS, for your smile upgrade, our team will give you great care, and you’ll leave with a stunning smile.

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What Is the Process for Receiving Dental Veneers?

Getting your porcelain veneers is an easy process.
Dental veneers in Englewood and Littleton, CO with cosmetic dentist Dr. Burdick, DDS

  1. On the first visit we will go over what changes you’d like to see in your smile, and how veneers can help you reach your goals.  We will also take an impression of your teeth and help you decide which shade to make the veneers, so we can prepare the veneers to perfectly blend in with your smile.
  2. The impression of your teeth will then be sent to a laboratory where your custom veneers will be created. Once the veneers are ready, we’ll prepare your teeth by buffing them and shaping them to allow for the veneer to be placed. This step will ensure that the veneers do not add extra bulk to your teeth.
  3. Finally, we will place the veneers on your affected teeth and use bonding cement and a special light beam to secure them in place for a long-lasting protection and a smile that stays as sparkling and happy as you!
  4. Veneers are permanently bonded to your teeth, so you won’t have to worry about additional care other than flossing and brushing as usual. We also always recommend making regular visits to our office so we can make sure your veneers are still looking good and serving their purpose.

You’ll be treated with care and respect through your whole treatment at our office here in Littleton, Colorado.

Your Skilled Dentist Is Ready to Enhance Your Smile Today

When you come to our office for your tooth veneers, you can be assured that you’re getting care from an extremely skilled and qualified dentist.

Dr. Burdick, DDS, is committed to continuing his education. He is a member of renowned professional organizations for dentistry and has received advanced training in the following:


Come to our office and see what a difference quality dental care can make in improving your smile!

Your Custom-Crafted Porcelain Veneers Are Just a Call Away

Dr. Burdick is happy to work with you and provide a collaborative, health-centered approach when you visit. Dental veneers are part of a seamless, hassle-free dental experience that we are happy to provide, and can be yours much faster than you think. Schedule your consultation for tooth veneers with us today!

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