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Are you new to the Littleton or Englewood area and looking for a dental home you can depend on? Are your kids getting older and you want a non-pediatric dentist who can see the whole family?

Are your restorations failing and you wish you had a dentist who could get your mouth back to total health and function? Are you tired of being treated like a number at a chain practice and want care that is actually personal and comfortable at a low-volume dental office?

No matter what your situation, no matter what your needs or desires, Victor H. Burdick, Jr., DDS, can help you feel at home, experience outstanding care, and smile with complete health and confidence. People are at the heart of our practice—and that means you!

New Patient Forms

Don’t wait to fill out your forms in our office (though guests do tell us they like our homey reception area). Instead, complete these online forms in the comfort of your own home. It’s where all your information is, after all.

Now isn’t that convenient?

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First Visit Experience

Your first visit with us starts with a conversation. We believe that you should be part of your own dental-health team. After all, you know what you want and how your mouth feels.

Getting to know you, your needs, and your expectations of us is one of the most important first steps toward total health. We start with your most pressing needs and move on to what you want, ideally, from your smile. Of course, we want you to feel free to ask us any questions you may have, both about your health and about us. We want you to feel completely at ease, and getting acquainted with each other is a big part of that.

Just before we move to the exam room, we take a look at your health history, so we know what to keep an eye on during your exam. Then, once in the exam room, we will take a full set of x-rays, if necessary.

After the x-rays, Dr. Burdick and his assistant will begin a very thorough and comprehensive exam from the outside in. We check your head, neck, and corresponding muscle groups; check your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) range of motion; measure your gum pockets and examine your oral tissue; and, of course, take a look at your dentin with our cavity finding laser—the Cavitron.

Once the exam is complete, we will sit down again, go over our findings, and talk about your options so that, together, we can develop a personalized treatment plan. We will never pressure you or judge you for your choices. We simply want you to understand what is going on in your mouth and what you can do to improve your health. The rest is entirely up to you! We like to think of every treatment plan as a collaborative work of art—but you own it; it is YOUR plan.

After we go over your findings, we will transfer you to a hygienist for a lovely, deep cleaning so you can leave feeling fresh and full of smiles.

Patients love how comprehensive this first visit is, but we do ask that you prepare to schedule about two hours for your time with us.


No one ever complains about discomfort while they are with us! We start with a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where soothing colors and music sets the tone for total relaxation.

We also have some of the most comfortable chairs in the dental industry! Adec chairs are so comfortable, patients have stopped asking for neck pillows and blankets. They just lean back and rest as if they are floating on a cloud.

And don’t forget, we also offer NuCalm®, one of the most innovative relaxation and stress reduction methods out there. It is so effective against stress that psychotherapists use it for their PTSD patients.

Payment Options, Insurance, and Financing Options

While we do not participate with any dental insurance plan, we do take your insurance. How does that work? Just give us your insurance information and pay us the estimated deductible up front. Once your insurance company responds, we will bill you the balance, if there is any. It is just another way we go the extra mile to keep you in smiles.

Third Party Financing

CareCredit dental financing in Littleton and EnglewoodWe also work with CareCredit, a third-party lender, to make dental care more accessible to and affordable for each patient.

CareCredit Offers Benefits Such As:

  • Flexible terms, including 0% or low-interest financing.
  • Instant approval so you can move forward with treatment on your timeline.
  • Coverage of both needed and elective treatments.

Need a new dentist? Want a dentist who cares? Call us to schedule a new-patient visit today. Our goal is to make you smile.

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